Social Fusion Network

Free B2B Networking • No Fee • No Exclusions • No Pressure

Welcome to the Social Fusion Network!

On behalf of the entire SFN team - welcome to one of the fastest growing independent b2b networking groups around.


Simply attend the FREE MONTHLY MEETINGS, drop your business card at registration for a chance to win prizes, get a name badge, grab a frosty beverage of choice and start talking to other local business people looking to connect and make friends.

Membership Costs You NO Money, But It's Not Free ...

In fact your SFN membership does have a single "fee" - permission to contact you via email and occasionally share promotional content with you. Here's why: SFN is advertising and sponsorship supported, we are able to offer you SFN for no money because of this.

If you attend an SFN event or participate in any SFN activities you agree that doing so is explicit permission to connect and communicate via various channels - including email.
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership

Success with SFN is simple ... SHOW UP!

Seriously, if you attend the events and simply talk to a few people - before you know it you'll be making connections and new friends. Who knows where that will take you.

Many members report they've gotten new business, new leads and of course made new friends ... which leads to many opportunities.

Share The Love

Don't be anti-social ... if you're attending an event tell your friends on social media. Remember to use our hashtag (#SFNetwork)

Thanks again for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you real soon.

PS. Want to get event more out of your SFN membership? Checkout the Associate option.