Social Fusion Network

Free B2B Networking • No Fee • No Exclusions • No Pressure

The Social Fusion Network™

Is a FREE B2B NETWORKING GROUP with multiple chapters offering free monthly in-person networking events for local businesses. Your membership is global and permits access to all open b2b events with no category exclusions, no performance pressure and no annual dues.

"82% of New Business Leads From Networking"

That's what a report published by Rogers Business division said about the effectiveness of b2b networking as a lead generator. Networking gets you more leads.

If you're looking for free b2b networking you've come to the right place - click find a chapter to checkout the chapters near you and remember to download 100 free networking tips and you'll be better prepared to network.

Finally, to maximize the value of lead generation through b2b networking you should consider producing your own events. Now instead of getting a few new leads - you'll get all the leads and establish yourself as an expert and local thought leader in your community. Discover how easy it is to have your own SFN chapter with our variety of startup options.

Best Selling Books To Help You Network Better

Checkout these two new best-selling books by author, SFN Founder & social entrepreneur - James Burchill.
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