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  • I have seen firsthand James Burchill’s success in creating b2b networking groups. This book is a quick read and full of great details to be successful in this realm.

    Lisa Hoekstra, Verified Amazon Reader
  • Very thorough

    If you’ve ever wondered how to use Meetup events for your business, this is the best and most thorough resource you’re going to find. If you want to work Meetups properly, you’ll learn something you’ll always use.

    Susan McIntire,, Student
  • A Success Formula from A to Z

    This course provides the step-by-step process for building a successful system using Meetup events to build your local network with like-minded people for joint ventures, new clients/customers, referral networks, friendships and more. James took something I already wanted to do & made it doable by giving me a successful roadmap that I *could* have made on my own but would have taken me a full year of heavy event holding to learn. This course made it possible for me to plan a successful launch of my own Meetup group that would *add to* my business but not take over my entire life. This is a course taught by someone who has actually done it … not someone who read about it from others & is teaching second-hand knowledge. This material clearly came from hands-on experience & will save me hundreds of hours and likely a lot of frustration and misspent time and money. If you want to use Meetups to build a business network, I feel confident that buying this course will return your ROI in the first 3 months.

    Kimberly Sheridan, Student
  • This is a must take if you want to start hosting events

    This course has a lot of valuable information for anyone wanting to start hosting events using Meet Up. I had already started a group on Meet Up but have gone back and edited quite a bit of it using everything I learned from this course. Thank you James.

    Judy Clark, Student
  • A Must take course if you’re starting a meetup group 

    This is a extremely high quality course. It should be a mandatory course for anyone starting a meetup group. Thank you James for all the great information.

    Namethink, Student